Drone Repair

Firstly, you should always pilot your drone with a full insurance coverage plan in place. However, there maybe unfortunate occasions when your drone is damaged either in transit or by terms outside of your policy and you need to get it repaired. When repairing your drone you have two options. The first option is to attempt to repair it yourself however you should only undertake this job if you are experienced in repairing drones as you could make the situation worse – costing your more time and money to get it repaired correctly. The second option is to use a qualified and authorised drone repair specialist. Although a specialist repair company will charge money for the repair they will skilled and experienced staff and should also offer a guarantee policy for the quality of the repair.

Drone repair tips:

  • Use a repair company authorised by your brand
  • Check delivery and shipping insurance costs before placing an order with the repair company
  • Check if return delivery cost is included in repair fees
  • Check reviews of the repair company
  • Use the repair companies free consultation to check your drone can be repaired
  • Read through the companies full service policy