Drone Equipment Hire


Hiring drones and accessories is a great way to save money and ensure you are able to offer a wide range of services. It also enables you to reduce the capital needed to launch your business, improving cash flow and enabling you to invest more money in marketing your business and attracting new customers. Having access to a range of different drone and accessories also enables you to different services to the marketplace without having to invest large sums of money in specialist equipment which you may only use a few times each year.

But before you go ahead and hire any piece of equipment you need to consider a range of important factors:

  • Make sure your insurance covers the use of hire equipment. The supplier may have hull insurance to cover any damage caused to the drone or accessories.
  • Ensure that your suppliers are reliable and have plenty of stock available for you to hire.  You may win customer contracts but if you are unable to hire the necessary equipment you will only leave behind disappointed customers and a wasted opportunity. To do this you need contingencies in place in case anything goes wrong with your preferred supplier.
  • Make sure you gather accurate costs for the equipment you need to hire. To generate a profit you need to ensure all your costs are covered and there are no hidden fees. Delivery costs, insurance costs and late return penalties can quickly eat into your profits.
  • Test the equipment that you hire before taking it to site. Spend time reading the manuals and fully research how to use it. There is nothing more embarrassing than turning up to a customers site and not being able to use the equipment you have brought with you.
  • Consider the full range of equipment and resources that you are able to hire to reduce costs. For example, equipment such as vans, laptops, safety equipment and even carry cases can be hired from reputable companies online.

Hiring drone equipment offers many benefits but it needs to be done correctly.