Professional Drone Pilot Website Review Service


Because your website is your main selling platform it needs to generate the results you need to generate revenue and grow your business.  Customers need to be able to find your site, quickly understand what services you offer and how they can contact you. To do this you need feedback. Feedback is vital to any business with some businesses spending tens of millions of dollars researching what people think about their products and services. Identifying how they can improve each and every aspect of their business and improve sales.

For only $24.99 our website review service provides a detailed and structured review of your professional drone service website with recommendations on how it can be improved and how you can attract more customers.

Comprehensive Professional Drone
Pilot Website Review Only $24.99
$2.50 From Each Review Goes to Charity!

The comprehensive review includes:

  • Website speed analysis with suggestions on how to increase the speed of your site
  • Logo review which advice on how to make a more powerful logo
  • Communication assessment of your website.  Identifying clarity of your message and service offering
  • Suggestions on how to improve SEO
  • Identify potential conversion problems and recommendations how they can be improved
  • Suggestions on how to segment the website to target different market sectors and customer groups
  • Plus more…

This comprehensive structured review specialises on professional drone pilot websites and costs only $24.99.  $2.50 from each sale also goes to supporting AirShepherd.  An African enterprise that uses drones to track and monitor poachers of wild elephants and rhinos.  At the current rate rhinos and elephants will be extinct in most African countries by 2030.  But drones are now being used to reduce deaths and protect wild animals.

The payment will be made to AirShepherd at the end of each calendar quarter.

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Comprehensive Professional Drone
Pilot Website Review Only $24.99
$2.50 From Each Review Goes to Charity!