It is vital that to become a professional drone pilot that you gain the necessary qualifications and licenses in your country. Using a drone for commercial purposes is a serious endeavour and many countries around the world have introduced tough legislation which should always be followed.  You may also need to attain certain qualifications in order to gain insurance for your drone. You may also require permission from your local aviation authority which will require you to be fully qualified. Flying a drone for commercial purposes without the correct qualifications can lead to heavy fines and in some instances a prison sentence. Therefore there are many reasons why you should undertake training and undergo examinations to gain the relevant qualifications.

Online Training

RemotePilot101 provides complete and recurring online training courses enabling prospective professional drone pilots to learn what is on the FAA UAS knowledge test and access actual FAA test questions. This course is ideal for people who want to learn how to pass the FAA test at their own pace.

Specialist UK Training Courses

ired is accredited by both the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and the Awarding Body of the Built Environment, and was the first provider of aerial thermal imaging courses within the UK. ired offer a range of specialist training courses including Thermal Imaging, Drone Thermography, Photogrammetry, Multispectral and Photovoltaic Inspection courses. Successful delegates also receive advice and equipment discounts. ired are also partners with DJI Enterprise and University of Portsmouth.

Australia Drone Training Courses

Aviassist is Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved and independently audited, Aviassist provides professional drone training and consultancy for some of Australia’s largest companies and government departments.