Drone Stock Footage


Producing and selling stock video footage is a great way to get started by gaining experience in the world of commercial drone work and creating a residual income from your work. Especially if you have a full-time job and are limited for time. You can simply create videos which are sold on specialist drone stock video websites with a revenue share model. As the creator expect you can expect to make between 50% and 70% of the revenue from each sale.

How to get started selling drone stock videos:

Step 1. Ensure you are fully licensed and insured

Before undertaking any commercial work you need to ensure you are fully qualified and insured. All reputable stock video websites will require you to be fully licensed and insured before allowing you to sell your drone videos via their site. You should avoid selling stock videos on websites that do not have a strict licensing policy. Even though you are fully licensed the decision to use a site that also allows people to sell illegally produced videos could one day backfire both on you and the website you are using.

Step 2. Choose the best marketplace to sell on

It goes without saying that the objective of selling video clips is to make as much profit as possible. It may be tempting to select the marketplace which pays the highest share of revenue but you also need to choose a marketplace which generates a sufficient number of sales. It is better to have 50% of something than 70% of nothing. Before selecting the site you are going to sell your clips on you also need to fully read their user terms and conditions.  Some marketplaces may require exclusivity over your content or even ownership of your content once it is uploaded.  Enabling them to sell the video you created on other marketplaces and retain 100% of the revenue. You may also need to upload a minimum number of videos or to have your videos uploaded for a minimum length of time before your account is active.

Before selecting the website to use you also need to understand which videos sell the most and why. Each website may focus on specific niches or sectors – there is no point uploading videos to a website which has no history of selling videos in your style or niche. You also need to understand the pricing models applied to your video – you need to understand whether you will price your own videos and compete against other creators or if the marketplace will set their own prices. Ideally you should sell on a marketplace which applies standard pricing across all video clips. This will prevent an possible price gouging and race to the bottom as more creators enter the market.

Step 3. Research the market

There are essentially two options. The first option is to produce videos in the same sectors and styles as other best sellers and hoping you can compete or to find untapped niches which you can own. For example, drone videos of classic cars or vintage cinemas maybe completely untapped. Sometimes it is better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in an ocean. Before uploading your video you also need to establish which keywords to use.  A keyword is a set of words allocated as a title to an item on the internet. Using the right keywords can be the difference between generate lots of sales or no one being able to find your videos. You can use Google Keyword Tool as a research tool to identify what people are searching for. For example, there maybe people searching for ‘classic car drone video’ so these are best keywords to target. There is little point naming your video ‘vintage car drone video’ if no one is searching the internet with this keyword.

We recommend DroneVideos.com. They only work with qualified pilots and offer plenty of value to the customer. Making it easier to sell your videos.



Step 4. How can you boost sales?

You maybe able to rely on the traffic generated by the marketplace. However, you maybe able to boost sales by investing in Google ads and building an active social media following within your niche. The more traffic your videos receive the more sales you should be able to generate. As a creator you can also identify methods to add value including audio and sound effects. You can may also be able to add visual effects, specific editing or user guidelines to assist inexperienced videos editors and social media users to use your video. Identifying a strong niche with a unique sales method could provide a huge advantage and launchpad to creating a successful drone stock video business even in your spare time!

Step 5. Be patient

There are no shortcuts to making money from selling drone stock videos. It is often a balance between quantity and quality but each video will add to your experience. Understand how to make videos and how to research what customers are looking for. As with anything, the hardest part is getting started so once you are up and running it will only get easier.