On Location


Making a positive first impression when visiting a clients site could be the difference between landing a regular customer and receiving a cold shoulder – it is that cut throat in any industry. To cut it as a professional drone pilot you not only need to deliver the drone service, you also need to come across as professional, experienced and genuinely interested in the needs of your customer. You maybe qualified and highly skilled but you need to gain the respect of your customer to ensure you can retain customers and receive positive feedback. Visiting customers is also a great way to gain experience and gather market research. Understanding the needs of your customer is essential to identifying new opportunities and solving your customer problems.

Following are a range of essential factors when visiting a customers site:


Your vehicle needs to be clean and look as professional as possible. Invest in a small van with your branding on the side or a regular car will appear more professional with your branding on than a plain family car. The vehicle needs to be practical and suitable to your target sector(s). If you are working on construction sites or agricultural sites then your vehicle needs to be rugged and hard wearing.  If you are working the large cities then you can use a smaller car which is easier to get around in.


You should also invest in a clean and neutral uniform. It should clearly display your branding but also be functional. You need to be able to work in different temperatures and weather conditions. Ensure you have a tee-shirt, sweater and jacket. You also need to ensure you have plenty of pockets to carry accessories and a presentable business card holder. Enabling you to appear professional and to carry out your role as a professional pilot as comfortably as possible.


It goes without saying that you need the correct equipment to complete the task you being hired for. But you also need to assure that your carry cases and accessories are clean are presentable. Select neutral colours and place your logo on them if possible.