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The drone industry offers massive potential to professional drone pilots and their customers. Businesses and government organisations in almost every sector can use drone technology to save time, cut costs and perform tasks safely.   Drone technology will allow growth into new markets with businesses able to offer more dynamic services at a fraction of the costs of normal business operations. Oil platforms can avoid shutdowns costing $250,000 per hour whilst scaffold-free structural inspection costs can be cut by 92%.  The potential for drone technology and its impact are limitless.

At MyDroneCareer.com we are at the leading edge of supporting people to become professional pilots.  Whilst providing guidance and information on how businesses and organisations can utilise drone technology.

Market research analysts Statista estimate that the global market for the commercial use of drones use will reach 6.4 billion dollars by 2020. Accountancy firm Price Waterhouse Cooper also predict that 76,000 drones will be in use throughout the public and private sector by 2030 – within the UK alone. This is just a sample of the forecasts and statistics which show almost unlimited potential for commercial drone use. A market that offers a variety of career opportunities for qualified and experienced drone pilots. MyDroneCareer.com helps these pilots to find and seize various business opportunities.  Helping pilots to continuously develop their skills, business network, knowledge and equipment.

Why Drones?

The worlds leading economies each face the same long-term challenge: productivity. The time efficiencies presented by drone technology offer business around the world the opportunity to improve efficiencies and reduce costs.  Accountancy company Price Waterhouse Cooper anticipates industries to see an uplift of £26bn throughout the United Kingdom alone.

They also predict that 76,000 will be in use throughout the public and private sector – in the UK alone.


Governments from around the world are introducing tougher legislation for the professional use of drones. Ensuring businesses from all sectors can use drone technology to save money and grow their businesses in a safe and reliable manner. Before undertaking commercial operations it is important to undertake a full risk assessment in accordance with the local legislation and your employers health & safety policies. This may include the maximum height the drone can fly at, the areas in can be used in and whether the drone is direct sight of the pilot. You may also want to take advice from specialist safety advisors and seek confirmation from your insurance company that the work you are planning to undertake is covered by your insurance policy. These factors are essential or you could lead yourself open to prosecution which could lead to a fine or even a potential jail sentence. Some people may believe that drones can be flown almost anywhere but this is completely untrue. Drones are banned in some countries and because large cities are located close to airports drones cannot be used in many cities. Drones are also banned from many national parks because they are designated for the enjoyment on people only. These examples are just some of the factors which you need to consider. The key to using drones to cut costs and improve your business is to research what you are planning to do and how it can be achieved legally.

Hiring a Professional Drone Pilot

Hiring a drone pilot is no different to hiring any contractor – you need to have a clear understanding of what your objectives are and only hire a drone pilot who you believe has the correct credentials and experience to complete the role required.

Before hiring a professional drone pilot it is important to check all current legal requirements in you are local area for the use of commercial drone activities. You maybe legally required by your local government and your insurance provider to ensure any drone pilots contracted to you either as an employee or as a subcontractor is both fully qualified and fully insured to undertake the work being performed.

MyDroneCareer.com provides information on qualification and insurance requirements in a range of different countries. However, it is vital that you undertake your own research by contacting the local authority responsible for legislating the use of drones for commercial purposes. You may also want to identify drone pilots who specialise in your particular field. Whether it is farmland analysis or wind turbine inspection professional drone pilots have the skills and experience to complete the task quickly and safely.