The Professional Drone Pilot Toolkit

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Identifying your target customers needs is essential to becoming a professional drone pilot.


Gaining your qualifications and licences will unlock the potential of your skills and ambition. 


With your target market in sight and your licences in place you are now ready to attract customers and grow your business.

Our eBooks

Want 10 Powerful Drone Pilot Career Secrets that can save you time, money and help grow your professional drone business? This eBook reveals 10 secrets every professional drone pilot needs to know to be successful and increase their profits. 

  • How to save time and work efficiently
  • Simple methods to save money and increase profits
  • How to discover what your customer really needs
  • Low cost ways to create a professional image
  • How to never lose sales leads
  • How to your website actually generates business
  • How to keep on top of financial data quickly and efficiently
  • Plus more…

Need to grow your professional drone piloting business locally? To do so you need highly effective techniques and strategies which can attract customers and build solid foundations for your business.

  • How to research your local business area
  • Who to partner with to grow your business
  • How attract publicity for free
  • How to build solid marketing foundations
  • How to create unique eye-catching marketing ideas
  • How to build your online presence for free
  • No advertising spend
  • No cold calls
  • No cold emails

Some of Our Partners was created to provide uniform excellence in aerial photography

Learn exactly what’s on the FAA UAS Knowledge Test and See Actual FAA Test questions


Professional drone repair and refurbishment from a DJI Authorised Dealer